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The Boone County Veterans Memorial (Florence, Ky.) purchased in part with funds generated from charitable gaming.


The Department of Charitable Gaming provides a regulatory framework allowing charitable gaming to thrive as a viable fundraising mechanism.  The department helps to ensure the productivity of charitable gaming through appropriate regulation, oversight and education.  Our agency is privileged to partner with charities to accomplish these goals and looks forward to continuing that partnership. The department continues to seek new ways to assist charities in gaming, while policing the industry to ensure that charities do not fall prey to those seeking to use charitable gaming as a means to make money for themselves.

As we look to the future, the department will continue to strive to ensure that charitable gaming is an activity in which more charities participate to make money for their causes, and to make the industry safer for those charities already gaming. As always, the department serves as a resource for charities and has training available.  Also, the office is working to make its website more informative and educational for charities.  With your help, charitable gaming has a bright future. 


** NEW **  Please be advised that effective Oct. 1, 2015, all “raffle boards” used in the conduct of charitable gaming will be considered “charitable gaming supplies and equipment” that must be purchased by licensed charitable organizations and exempt organizations from a distributor that is licensed by the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming. Further, raffle boards may only be manufactured by licensed manufacturers. A raffle board is used in the conduct of a raffle where participants enter a raffle drawing for a chance to pull a card off a raffle board to win a prize. An example of a raffle board is the board containing rows of numbered cards used in the conduct of the “Queen of Hearts” raffle. Please contact the department with any questions.

** NEW ** The 2015 legislative session was a busy one for the Department of Charitable Gaming with several bills related to charitable gaming taking effect June 23, 2015. Over the next several months, the department will be drafting regulations relating to those bills, as well as drafting updates to other regulations in an attempt to improve regulatory efficiency. Anyone may request copies of these regulations to review and provide comment. To request copies of regulations, you must sign up at the Kentucky RegWatch website located at

The Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling (KYCPG) is seeking volunteers to complete a survey on responsible gaming efforts in the industry. The survey will be used to help KYCPG determine the variety of responsible gaming training occurring in the Commonwealth. Participation is completely voluntary. Please consider assisting KYCPG in this effort. The survey can be completed at

NOTICE:  As a reminder to all organizations applying for a Charity Fundraising Event (CFE) or Special Limited Charity Fundraising Event (SLCFE) license:

KRS 238.505(8) states, “’Charity fundraising event’ means an activity of limited duration at which games of chance approved by the department are conducted, including bingo, raffles, charity game tickets, special limited charitable games, and wagering on prerecorded horse races, KRS Chapter 230 notwithstanding. Examples of such activities include events that attract patrons for community, social, and entertainment purposes apart from charitable gaming, such as fairs, festivals, carnivals, licensed charitable gaming organization conventions, and bazaars.”

KRS 238.505(18) states, “Special limited charity fundraising event” means any type of charity fundraising event, commonly known as and operated as a ‘casino night,’ ‘Las Vegas night,’ or ‘Monte Carlo night,’ at which the predominant number or types of games offered for play are special limited charitable games.”

Please keep in mind when applying for a CFE or SLCFE license that the license application must include information regarding the event that is attracting patrons for community, social, and entertainment purposes apart from charitable gaming.