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The Boone County Veterans Memorial (Florence, Ky.) purchased in part with funds generated from charitable gaming.

Department Organization and Staff


The Department of Charitable Gaming is composed of the Commissioner’s Office and two divisions, the Division of Licensing and Compliance and the Division of Enforcement.
The Commissioner's Office is responsible for all aspects of office administration including budget, personnel and management of the physical plant.  This office also acts as the cabinet and legislative liaison.
Regina Covington, Acting Commissioner​

The accountants review and reconcile the financial reports filed by the licensees, process the fees for all licensees and calculate the retention rate of the organizations based on their financial reports at the conclusion of the calendar year.
Stephanie Ledford, Fiscal Officer​

The Division of Licensing and Compliance has two branches - licensing and compliance.

The Licensing Branch is composed of licensing specialists and a branch manager. The licensing specialists review the license applications from all entities, send deficiency letters if required, refer the applications from criminal history checks, review exempt status of organizations, issue licenses and process any changes requested in the licenses.

The Compliance Branch consists of a branch manager and charitable gaming compliance officers located throughout the state.  The compliance officers conduct on-site inspections of licensed charitable gaming activity to ensure adherence to applicable charitable gaming statutes and administrative regulation, assist licensing with office inspections, investigate complaints and provide training to licensees.
Henry Boone, Compliance Branch Manager

The Division of Enforcement has two branches, audit and investigation.  The division has strong enforcement powers, which include examining charitable gaming supplies and equipment and conducting in-depth audits and investigations.

The Audit Branch is headed by a certified public accountant and includes auditors located throughout the state.  The auditors conduct in-depth audits of charitable gaming activities to ensure that high standards of accounting, record-keeping and reporting of charitable gaming receipts are met.  The results of such audits may lead to corrective measure on the part of a licensee and administrative action against the charitable organization’s license.
Charles Brock, Audit Branch Manager

The Investigation Branch includes investigators located throughout the state.  They investigate complaints and allegations of criminal wrongdoing.  Criminal allegations include theft, forgery, criminal possession of a forged instrument, promoting gambling, possession of a gambling device, participating in a continuing criminal enterprise, tax evasion and money laundering.  The results of these investigations could result in administrative action or civil and criminal action.  The office investigates complaints in cooperation with a federal prosecutor, federal law enforcement agencies, the Kentucky State Police and local law enforcement.