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The Universal Playground (Pikeville, KY) - Purchased with funds generated from charitable gaming

What's New in Charitable Gaming

Cosmic Bingo

Raise the roof while raising profits with a new twist on an old game.  Cosmic Bingo is the newest craze to hit bingo in years.  Fun for all ages, Cosmic Bingo will bring in new customers and excite your current ones. Contact the department today to learn more. Check out this video:
Get Microsoft SilverlightCosmic Bingo video


Karaoke Bingo

Can you imagine your organization having a Karaoke contest during your bingo or CFE? This would be another way to attract new players to your bingo session or more folks during your community events. The Karaoke contest is not charitable gaming, so the contest would not go against the $5,000 bingo payout and your organization would not have to report the prize(s) given away to the contest winner. Let contestants sing during breaks or at intermission.

Strip Bingo
Recently approved by the department, these bingo cards come as a 5-on-1 up strip and come with two associated games (if the organization chooses) to play using the Bingo Strips. The Bingo Strips have a similar look as a pull tab, whereby, the player will open the bingo face tab to reveal a bingo face. Check with your distributor. See if your organization is willing to try Strip Bingo.
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      Standard Play                        Money Match                      Progressive Play


“Queen of Hearts” Raffle w/Raffle Board

A really cool way to conduct a raffle. The game is played with 52 face poker cards and two Jokers. These cards are placed on a licensed manufacturer’s board so that the face of the poker cards are not revealed. Your organization will sell raffle tickets (theater style) for $1 or less then a draw will take place weekly. The winner will then choose which card to pull from the raffle board. If the “Queen of Hearts” is picked then the winner wins a pre-determined amount of the jackpot. If the winner doesn’t pick the “Queen of Hearts,” then an alternative prize is awarded. Prizes awarded are structured by the organization and posted with the Raffle’s Rules of Play.  For more information, contact the department or speak with your assigned compliance officer. This is a great money maker for your organization. 

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Hands Free Smart Bingo Ball Blower OR Caller Less Bingo Station

The Department of Charitable Gaming recently approved two new bingo caller stations that will enable the organization to have a “Hands-Free” Bingo Station or a “Caller Less” Bingo Station. These devices will allow the bingo session caller to perform their duties without the need of handling the bingo balls or allow the organization to have a bingo session without a caller. For more information please contact the department.
Bingo Star Smart Desk  Bingo Star Smart Hands Free Bingo Ball BlowerLive Call Bingo System