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The Catlettsburg Fire Department purchased this boat and truck with funds generated from charitable gaming.

Session and Event Worksheets

WS-07 Progressive Pulltab Receipts And Payouts (MS Excel-20KB)
WS-08 Bingo Session Deposit Reconciliation ​(MS Excel-23KB)
WS-09 Voucher (MS Excel-16KB)
WS-10 Raffle Receipts With A Ticket Price Of $100 Or More (MS Excel-21KB)
WS-11 Raffle Receipts With A Ticket Price Of $50 Or More, But Less Than $100 (MS Excel-22KB)
WS-12 Raffle Payouts For WS-10 And WS-11 (MS Excel-19KB)
WS-13 Raffle Receipts And Payouts With A Ticket Price Of More Than $5, But Less Than $50  (MS Excel-22KB)
WS-14 Raffle Receipts And Payouts With A Ticket Price Of $5 Or Less; Or Raffles Started And Completed At A CFE  (MS Excel-22KB) 
WS-14a Progressive Raffle Receipts And Payouts With A Ticket Price Of $5 Or Less  (MS Excel-44KB)
WS-14b Progressive Raffle Receipts and Payouts with Pulltab Contribution to Jackpot


The worksheets suggested here for use by licensed charitable organizations are designed to record information relative to specific charitable gaming activities in an accessible and user-friendly format.  Some licensees may compile charitable gaming records in substantially the same format as these worksheets.  Some licensees may utilize more sophisticated record-compiling practices and others may use less sophisticated practices.  However, the information captured on these suggested worksheets, if provided to the Department of Charitable Gaming by a licensee in the submission of its quarterly reports, is sufficient to enable the licensee to minimally satisfy its charitable gaming reporting obligations imposed in KRS 238.550.  Use of these worksheets does not guarantee that a licensee using them will operate its gaming activities at a profit, nor does use of them guarantee that a licensee will fulfill its retention obligations imposed in KRS 238.536(1). The department makes no representation that use of these worksheets is designed to, or will in fact, accomplish such results.  The results obtained through use of these suggested worksheets may vary from licensee to licensee and may also be affected by variables that lie outside the control of both the licensee and the department.  Use of these worksheets is optional and not required.  Any licensee using them should contact the department with questions concerning them.

To open the session and event records, you may need the associated software.  If you are having problems opening the files, you can use the following links to download the free viewer software.